The family as an integral part of society

The concept of family has many definitions, because it responds to legal contents and historical aspects that are not coincident neither in time nor in space because with the passage of time the meanings have varied innumerable times, all these definitions and their legal applications are Agilely handled by lawyers in Spain.

In particular, the lawyers of family law in Spain, in a broad sense, deal with kinship, that is, the set of relatives with whom there is some legal relationship, in which each individual is the center of one of them, different according to the person To whom it refers and that reaches the ascendants and descendants without limitation of degree, the collaterals by consanguinity until the sex degree and the related ones to the fourth and that in a more restricted sense, represents the paternal nucleus filial or group formed by The father, the mother and the children who live with them or who are under their power, each one of these family members can use the services of lawyers in Spain, to solve any legal inconvenience caused by one or more members of the family.

No matter how wide the definition of family can be managed, understood as the social group composed of people living in a house under the authority of the lord of it, this definition being the one that corresponds to the Roman family and the one that was accepted By the Laws of Partidas, in which the family group was integrated even by the servants or if we consider it from an intermediate concept, all have the option to have an adequate legal representation if the expert services of the lawyers of right of contracting are contracted family in Spain.

For any legal procedure that concerns the family, it is always good to go to the lawyers of family law, they advise in the best way possible any situation that is present in the family, where its main purpose is to provide assistance to in the family in particular everything related to the legal field is in order and flows according to the current laws and current regulations. Every family wants to be and be happy, and for that reason always it is advisable to go with the lawyers of family law.